Should I take Seresto collar off to bath

Yes, you should take off the Seresto collar before giving your pet a bath. Seresto collars are designed to be water-resistant but not waterproof. Also, the active ingredients in the collar can be diminished or removed by frequent bathing. If you need to bathe your pet more often than once every fortnight (8 weeks) then the collar needs to be removed for that duration and put back on after the bath is finished. Moreover, if your pet’s coat is long and thick then make sure to remove tangles and debris from the fur with a comb before reapplying the collar as this would help to maintain maximum efficacy of Seresto Collar.

Do not remove the collar for a bath; water won’t reduce its effectiveness

When it comes to the Seresto collar, instructions explicit state not to remove it when bathing or playing in water. This is because the collar’s active ingredients will spread over the body and coat, creating a unique surface that won’t be broken if your pet takes a bath or plays in water. The effectiveness of the product will remain as long as you don’t take it off. In fact, letting your pet play in water can actually increase the coverage of the active ingredients, giving them better protection against fleas and ticks!

The exceptions are to purposely bathe your pet before putting on a new collar and after they have had contact with an area where an infestation has been noted. Other than these two times, leaving seresto company it on should provide optimal protection for your furry friend.

If necessary, you can use a mild shampoo and sheer cloth or sponge along with the collar

If you need to bath your pet when wearing a Seresto collar, then while still keeping the collar on their neck, you can remove excess dirt with a sheer cloth or a sponge. After that, you can use a mild shampoo formulated for the animal’s fur type (for cats and dogs). Just make sure the shampoo does not contain soap as it will be too harsh for their sensitive coat. Once done, rinse off all of the shampoo and gently pat dry with a clean towel.

Remember to keep water away from the Seresto collar during bath time as this may reduce its effectiveness. When finished, simply allow the collar to air dry before placing it back around your pet’s neck. This way, your pet can still reap the full benefits of its flea and tick protection!

Rinse well, use caution & avoid getting shampoo in pets eyes

When bathing your pet while wearing a Seresto collar, be sure to rinse the collar off very well and use caution to ensure no shampoo or soap gets into the animal’s eyes. If you do get any shampoo in the animal’s eyes, rinse them off thoroughly with water.

To avoid getting shampoo or soap in your pet’s eyes, try using an eye wash that is specifically designed not to sting or irritate the eyes when using it. When washing the rest of their body and face, try avoiding direct contact with their eyes by using a damp cloth and gently wiping around their face instead of directly spraying them.

After you are finished giving your pet a bath, allow for enough time for them to completely dry before putting back on their Seresto collar as leaving it on while wet can damage it and could also irritate their skin. Additionally, make sure to check that all of the locks and clasps are securely closed so they don’t wiggle loose while wearing it. Taking these precautionary steps will help keep your pet safe and comfortable while wearing a Seresto collar!

After showering, dry your pet thoroughly before allowing them to move around outside

After showering your pet, it is important that you make sure your pet is properly dried off before exposing them to the outside environment. While the Seresto collar does protect your pet from fleas and ticks, it can be damaged when exposed to moisture. To prevent this from happening, dry your pet off with a towel or dryer after the bath and before allowing them to roam around the garden or outside.

Not only will doing this help keep their Seresto collar in tip-top shape and ensure that it remains effective for its full 8 months, but it will also protect your pet from any other parasites or pests that could be lingering in the area. Keeping your pet comfortable, healthy and safe should always be the number one priority!

Final note

It is not recommended to remove Seresto collars while bathing your pet. Doing so can reduce their protection and lower the effectiveness of the product. Instead, use a mild shampoo and rinse well to ensure your pet’s safety.

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